Food Services
Number Name Contact Number Location Twitter Timing
1 Youth Sharing Club Yash Machiwal - 7073732779, Vanshita Kanungo - 9413677510 Jaipur NA Lunch order before 11 AM, Dinner order before 5 PM
2 Helping Hands Kartik Gupta-8233228589, 7737041889, 9460934790, 7742546946 Ajmer Helping Hands NA
3 Kitashee NA NA NA NA
4 Pankaj Gupta 9785487576 Mansarovar, 5 kms radius NA NA
5 Tiffin Tales by SpicUp Anupama - 9929993005 Jaipur NA All time, Paid
6 Chef's Boutique Shubra - 7737763999 Jaipur NA NA
7 Fingerlicious Kirti - 8233809509 Jaipur NA All time,On Delivery Charges
8 Yum Tum 7073999346 Jaipur NA All time, 70 rs+ Delivery Charges

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